Testimonials for Carlo Yanez and his Clinical Pilates rehabilitation and personal Pilates trainings

“Carlo is the best trainer I have ever had. His expertise in both Pilates and barre workout has transformed my body in a matter of months. In addition, his knowledge of osteopathy has left my body injury free for the first time in years. Carlo’s friendly nature, professional manner and his attention to detail make our sessions fun, dynamic and effective.”
Sonia Garware, Managing Director, Chelsea, London, UK

Pilates / Photography © Merrithew Corporation. Used with permission. www.merrithew.com

Pilates / Photography © Merrithew Corporation. Used with permission. www.merrithew.com

“Carlo is truly amazing at what he does! His incredible knowledge of anatomy is carefully applied in the program that he chooses for you. My  clicking knee is no longer a problem and my shoulder mobility has improved.”
Professor Sebastian Johnston, M.D. Chelsea, London, UK

“Carlo pushes you to limits that you are unaware of. He carefully listens to your goals and makes sure, that you achieve them. Following his advice, I started the reformer and Barre method. As a result, I have no pain in my knee and also look toned!
Tea Johnston, Chelsea, London, UK

“Thanks to Carlo and Pilates we are toned, are more aware of our bodies, have a much better posture and follow a healthy lifestyle.”
Eloise and Tika Johnston, Chelsea, London, UK

“Carlo’s sports massage helped me with more mobility, fitness and stress and pain reduction. He’s brilliant at other fitness modalities such as Pilates, mobilisation and articulation techniques and much more. His advice on core strength was invaluable and helped me to reduce low back pain and firm my midsection.”
Jan Cisek, Environmental Psychologist, South Kensington, London