Personal Pilates Trainer Kensington London

Private Pilates trainer 

Carlo offers personal Pilates training in Kensington London W14. Your Pilates personal trainer will tailor-made the right Pilates training that suits your body and your needs. Carlo will focus on correct and best form and adjustment whilst ensuring that each session is taught at the right level for your body and ability and needs. As your Pilates progresses your qualified Pilates personal trainer can build the pace through various Pilates principles of breath and flow and can add extra challenge and variety by adding Pilates rings, exercise balls, foam rollers or exercise bands.

Personal Pilates training

Personal Pilates trainer at home

Carlo offers personal Pilates at your home across London. Your Pilates lessons are tailored to your specific needs, whether you’re a complete Pilates beginner or an experienced practitioner or a pregnant mum, or you’re working with a medical condition or an injury (Carlo is also an osteopath specialising in clinical and rehabilitation Pilates). There are different ways of training in Pilates and Carlo can focus on just one method or combine elements of different styles. Just ask – it’s your private Pilates lesson.

One to one private Pilates classes at Core Kensington, London W14

Whether you need a one-off individual Pilates session or a whole series of Pilates classes, Carlo can design your unique blend of Pilates that will maximise your Pilates training at his premium Pilates studio Core Kensington, Kensington London W14.