Clinical Pilates Rehabilitation

Clinical Pilates for physical therapy and rehabilitation

Whether your goal is preventive, injury recovery, rehabilitation or performance boost good fitness is of primal importance. Our Clinical Pilates exercise programme at Core Kensington, London W14 offers innumerable ways to retrain the deep abdominal muscles and rebalance the musculature that supports your spine and all muscles. We use a variety of Clinical Pilates tools to support you achieve measurable outcomes with our programmes. These outcomes could be spinal stability, muscle activation of the abdominals and muscle thickness, which in turn can prevent further damage to your spine by restoring normal function and help with pain reduction.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Pilates Kensington London

Clinical Pilates rehabilitation

Clinical Pilates is tailored to your individual needs

Pilates is ideal if your abilities level with others in the Pilates class but Clinical Pilates is tailored to your individual experience.

The instructor (a qualified physiotherapist or osteopath) will take your medical history and any existing conditions during one-to-one assessment prior to starting Clinical Pilates programme. This will inform the Clinical Pilates Trainer to design your Pilates routine and progression to your unique conditions, so you get the most out of the course.

Because the Clinical Pilates programme is on the one to one bases you get plenty of attention from the trainer.

It helps to prevent injury

Clinical Pilates is excellent for injury prevention, especially in high-impact sports because of your awareness of your own body will promote strength and flexibility while avoiding excess strain on joints and muscles.

It helps with recovery

As an osteopath, Carlo, Clinical Pilates trainer is an expert in recovery and pain management. Clinical Pilates tailors complimentary exercises to your recovery programme and you will be reassured that you won’t aggravate your injury.

We’re based at Core Kensington Pilates studio in Kensington London W14.